Options for Busy Professionals

1) Offering Individual and Couples In-person, or Video sessions via a secure video platform (or via Phone). For convenience, clients can access video sessions from: laptop, tablet, computer, or phone. 

2) Payments can be accepted electronically. 


At some point in our lives we all run into a problem, life changes unexpectedly, or we might experience a sense of distress that we have difficulty overcoming alone. In these instances, you may be at a loss for how to change your situation. Sometimes we know that something in our life has to change, but change can be scary and trying to change alone can frequently be frustrating. I want to help you through your life changes and provide you the tools you need to have a fulfilling life. Whether you have minimal emotional support, or just feel stuck, almost everyone can benefit from Coaching. 

You could benefit from Coaching if


  • You are not the person you want to be
  • You have found out that your partner has been unfaithful
  • You have lost the passion or intimacy in your relationship
  • Your sexual relationship is unfulfilling for you or your partner
  • Sexual compulsivity has negatively impacted you or your family
  • Stress, anxiety, or unhappiness has kept you from a fulfilling life
  • You want to improve your communication or interpersonal skills
  • You want to develop healthier coping strategies

Coaching is a time for you to express your feelings and thoughts in a supportive environment where you can be heard and understood. Most times it is through this expressive forum that you will identify what is truly important to you and how you want to live your life. Through Coaching we can explore your core life values, define new life goals, and formulate effective strategies to attain your goals.


I am available for daytime, evening, or Saturday appointments.


Please contact me for a free 5 minute phone consultation to see if your concerns are appropriate for coaching. If I do not answer, please leave me a voicemail message, and I will contact you at my earliest availability; please leave your name, phone number, the times you can be reached, and if I may leave you a voice message. My voicemail is secure and confidential. 

*LGBTQ-Friendly Environment

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